Part of the business. Could use a few more creative ways to get people trying their lines. Absolutely ruthless people out there, so beware. You have to get down to the nuts and bolts of it all, and even when you analyze all the data it gets down to each golfer absorbing the numbers and buying the driver that fits your game. Neal 5 years ago. To minimize fatigue while still allowing for the necessary number of shots to be hit, each of the 22 clubs in our test was placed into 1 of 3 club groups.

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Interesting on two fronts. I do not have a dog in this fight so I can remain objective. Thet are seldom good players: Also did the G25 lose distance with the higher swings speed because of increased spin?

MOST WANTED – Fairway Wood – (Overall Winners)

If Tour Edge spent the bucks most other manufactures do on advertising and Tour Pros it would be a common sight in more bags. To quote Mark Twain: Give me the bad swings and high handicappers to do all my testing on prototypes…. I bought my first laser the callaway RAZR over the winter and I think mtgolfspy would have to be crazy or just have money to burn to buy anything else.


SLDR was the longest driver, but 15th on accuracy! Shark 5 years ago. Possibly, but then how do you justify the G25 losing almost 20 in distance from last year? Yes…different testers along with year to year changes in the swings.

Is it easier from a push cart, walking, riding? As much as I would like to try the alpha with the mygolfepy shaft for me in it, spending that much moolah on it is absolutely crazy. Scott 5 years ago.

Well, the Krank Formula 5 fared much better in the accuracy than the distance. Regis 5 years ago. Obee-Kay-Bee 5 years ago. The more the positive angle of attack you have the more you may need to loft up with a forward cog driver.

2014 MOST WANTED – Fairway Wood (Distance Awards)

I see it finished in 19th place in the mallet test. Was the Cleveland Altitude the same as the Cleveland Custom? I have no choice but to agree. So much of putting is confidence, so if you have the most confidence in the lowest ranked putter from this myygolfspy and you make a lot of putts….

Just wondering how you chose the putters to be tested. Still works the same as any other fitting. No one was twisting your arm.

  MSI 865GM2-S MS-6743G DRIVER

I have to say though, I wish there was some way to use more than 6 testers.

Very interesting to go back and 20114 the preview vote blog and see what the big surprises where. Just same across this forum. So the point is if you are in the market for a driver this is a good place to start gathering information, but getting fit by a competent professional is a must in my book. Size of numerical readout, display contrast, and quality of targeting reticule all factored into the display score.

I rolled several with the TM Daytona at Golfsmith this past weekend intentionally hitting slightly off-center rolls gradually toward heel and toe and noticed a similar inconsistency. But perhaps most impressive is how easy it is to hit.

Eric 5 years ago. Suprised the new big bertha alpha isnt in the top set.