Some of them work better than others with certain things. All servo data came from here: Walking is all about balance. Anyway, hopefully this helps someone else from wasting precious time. My situation is as follows: That way, I realized coding, data storage and wired executing.

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Can you take some high quality picture of the board, particularly where you have shorted your board?

Anyway, hopefully this helps someone else from wasting precious time. Walking is all about balance. I also do not allow my students to misuse them in the classroom as well. The screws were starting to come loose, and some of the servos were a little twitchy, so we used some grant money to get some new upgrades from The RobotShop.

Once again, this upgrade was done for the metal gears over the plastic; it should never strip under normal use.

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I have had most of these sinceand the students love working with them, and besides, every group of 2 or 3 students get a robot to use; can you do that with lynxx in your classroom? This is negligible and the new servo has metal gears. Won’t this be a conflict?


I have found that it connects flawlessly to the five different computers I have tried it on EVERY time, and it is really smooth. Also double check with your servo removed. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Besides, they play nicely with the VEX stuff too.

my ssc board not working ?

I then started to connect my arduino Uno board to the SSCu board like a servo controller shield. If you are comparing it to the Uno then for the sake of simplicity I recommend that you don’t use the Arduino. It’s always great when you can save someone else a few hours of banging their head against a monitor.

Then Ssv had to figure out why. See the video below. Both the Arduino and the SSC use serial communication. About Chris About Jim. But before I did this, I would also check the resistence from power to ground to verify I don’t have a dead short On my Arduino code I used println on the last command.


It also makes the extra weight of the medium duty wrist rotate a moot point. Main difference are better connection, no more serial converter, or 9v battery, and wireless capability!


If one of the power terminals does not have voltage, I would try to jumper from one that does, to one that does not Maybe servo went bad and has internal short The Arduino write probably automatically adds a line feed.

ssf I went to a previous program revision to compare. The motions are very fluid, and we have yet to drop a connection. Try to localize it down. I have not personalyy tested these with anything but this.

SSC-32U Servo controller 32-ch USB

Sub they are built incorrectly, or the students are allowed to abuse them. Apologize for my lengthy prologue. Thanks for the response Joan.

No more usb to serial converter! Best solution for now is below, but nothing beats the good old serial port.