Lift the back of the top cover right side in photo to prevent the gears on the assembly from touching other items while removing, especially the fuser mounting bracket. Remove the screws A. Service error codes 9xx Error Description Engine software service errors Each card contains the printer settings. Paper jam in the sheet drawer Meaning A paper jam has occurred in the sheet drawer. This refers to paper only. When replacing the strip:

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Press and hold until all of the lights cycle to print the menu sheet and Step 1 test page. Upper Front Frame Group Removal Lift the right side to align the flat on the guide shaft with the opening. Open the front access cover and infrequently required by a user.

Page Re-installation note: There are arrows under the top cover to verify the location of the rollers.

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Verify the proper alignment of the top cover with the paper exit guide along the mating edges at the rear of the exit tray. Remove the ground strap screw A and the ground strap. Lexmark may use or distribute any of the lexmzrk you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you. Unplug the cable from J4 on the controller card. Bezel Removal Remove the two screws A. Remove the bezel and lens while the door remains open. Resistance to loosening the screw may have to be applied to the shaft.


Lift the lower edge of the shield, slide it to the right, and remove. Check the AC line voltage. Remove the duplex coupling B and mating link.

A user default setting remains in effect until it is changed or has restored the factory default settings. Page 40 Remove the tray, open the duplex door and clear the paper jam.

Lexmark Model 4512 Laser Printer E250dn Monochrome

Make sure that the link is not bent or pulled out farther than normal. Do not replace the operator panel and the controller card at the same time.

Incorrect laser exposure or incorrect charging of the photoconductor causes an all black page. Disconnect the exit sensor cable from J11 on the controller card. Page 81Diagnostics mode printout sample Note: If not, lubricate only when parts are replaced or as needed, not on a scheduled basis. Left Side Cover Removal Position the printer lexmakr the left rear corner hanging over the edge of the table.


Auto default —The printer processes print jobs from computers using either Windows or Macintosh operating systems. In re-installation, check to make sure that the fuser ground cable is routed out of the lexmaek and is not pinched or damaged.

When re-installing, be sure to reconnect the ground cable. If the orientation is questionable, run Print Quality sheets, and check for skew. Types Of Print Media 24 envelopes. Page Remove the four screws Athe machine screw B and the machine screw C.

The connector latch Lexmrak is toward the side frame as shown. Page 95Lexkark the front cover down, and disconnect it on the left side from the link.

Disconnect the thermistor cable above the fuser. Service CodesUnsupported flash option Meaning An error occurs at power-on. When you see this symbol, there is a danger from hazardous voltage in the area of the product where you are working.

Secondary light sequences printer errors Printer Condition Page