Full detailed instructions of the steps are included in the tutorial, which is available here. ASUS is taking steps to make sure that the seals in question are no longer used in its products that are intended to be sold in any country where these stickers are not permitted. Moreover even as LCD screens continue to increase in resolutions, the Asus Eee PC’s 7″ x screen has proven to be adequate enough. You can read the full article here. The Eee PC really has an opportunity to become an iconic product in the mold of the iPod. The March timeframe actually falls in line with Asus’ own announcement regarding the launch of 2nd gen Eee PCs. You, of course, can help make it No.

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This would imply the relatively slight price difference would result in only a slight price increase for the new model.

Custom resolutions with scaling.

However, it cautioned folks in North America, particularly those taking part in the Give One, Get One program, that it has no plans to offer that version of XP lazeryags folks in the U. My issue is that when selecting a resolution larger than the A1’s native mode the intel lxzertags kick into a scroling mode where you have to scroll around the screen rather than having the whole screen displayed at once.

Prices in the Philippines are already below standard pricing.


The fact that there are no unsightly dangling wires or protruding dongles make this mod elegant. The original article is in Chinese.

In comparison, total brand business revenue for is projected to hit USD7. Your suggestions and feedback are most appreciated and allow us to serve you better. Posted by xujiren at 2: Photo above shows the idgd first customer.

CopyCatz, Sep 28, I contend that discrete graphics capability will speed up your gaming, browsing and video-viewing pleasure.

eeePC inverse video scaling | Hackaday

Asus Eee Rocks Ubuntu in 3D. He or she then simply did the copy and paste routine, followed by the find and replace process to change the model name, screen size, etc but forgot to edit the hard disk part.

The guy who edits or the guy who analyzes? Wherever possible, laezrtags changes are incorporated using custom.

Lazertsgs as I have been predicting, it seems the Asus Eee PC will be a bestseller with bloggers, especially women bloggers.

Asus will promulgate it if there is any news, and please refer to the official website: It seems rumors about the 10″ Eee PC simply won’t die down. Select the Connection that you want to auto-start and click it: Webcam still works Bluetooth addition is shown recognized.

Hacked VGA Driver 4 eeePC Allows resolution x / x (Without Scrolling)

What has the weather got to with the Asus Eee PC? Everex prepping ‘Eee PC-killer’ ultra-mobile? In fact, Asus projects the Eee PC will become its second most significant revenue source by next year, next only to its motherboard line.


A list of Network Connections will appear. Asus has been very optimistic with the sales of its Eee PC so far with the first months of sales being relatively successful.

But unlike the former, it also has a built-in VoIP handset. Moreover, can mean a delivery date of January or December. That is, after you disassemble your Eee PC first.

The case also has slots for memory ieg and business cards. For your question, I am sorry to tell you that it will void the warrany [sic] to upgrade RAM in Philippines at present. X-Bit Labs is reporting that Asus expects to sellEee PCs in January alone and about 1, for the first three months of Asus dropped hard disk from Eee PC at eleventh hour?

eeePC inverse video scaling

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When Asus finally manage to bump up production, we should begin to see a lot of bloggers hanging out in the neighborhood Starbucks, bloggin away on their little Eee PCs. Translated into English article can be read here.