Login user name of the SMB server Windows computer Set the user name specified in step 8 of “Creating a shared folder on the Windows desktop. Enter the domain name realm for SMTP authentication using up to characters. For details, refer to Here. Sending the scan data to the SMB server. Net Care Device Manager is available as a succeeding product with the same function. Windows 10 Support Information.

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Confirm whether the certificate is used according to the intended purpose approved by the certificate issuer.

From a computer connected to the network, you can access the shared folder, and import and save a large volume of scan data. Configuring the Network Information of the Controller. Please select another Change Location.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Information. Are you in United States? Enter the domain name if two or more domains realm exist. To select [ON], the E-mail address of the certificate of this machine must match the E-mail address of the administrator.

The original is scanned and sent to the SMB server shared folder. This item is necessary when [Binary Division] is enabled. The E-mail is divided according to the size specified at [Divided Mail Size]. The user must select whether to add digital signature before sending an E-mail.


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Scanner driver for reading image data from bizhub and scanning the data into application software supporting TWAIN. Setting the Date and Time. By using this function, you can add the E-mail encryption and digital signature functions to avoid the risk such as interception of E-mails or spoofing other sender.

The Advanced Sharing window is displayed. For downloading fonts and forms to devices. As a substitute for Copy Protection Utility, on PageScope Web Connection which is installed standardly in multi-function printers, you can use the same function copy protection and registration of stamp information.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Information. This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page.

Using TWAIN Scan

Minplta only one domain realm exists, no entry is required. Right-click the shared folder that you created in step 1 of “Creating a shared folder on the Windows desktop” and select [Properties] to display the file path in [Location].

If you select [Binary Division] to divide an E-mail, this setting is invalid. Enter the registration name and press [OK]. Enter the password of the user name you entered into [Login Name] using up to 15 characters.


Versatile utilities to optimise device functions. To verify the certificate, select items to be verified. If you select [Confirm] at each item, the certificate is verified for each item.

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Go to main contents. Windows 10 S Support Information.

On the touch panel of the main body, press [SCAN]. This item is necessary if you occasionally send E-mails exceeding the maximum size specified on the E-mail server side. Click the [Security] tab and click [Edit].

Windows 10 October Update. The digital signature is automatically added without performing special setting before sending an E-mail. PageScope Net Care has ended provision of download and support service. For more information, please contact Konica Minolta customer service or service provider.