Use ctspd, downloadable from http: I let it dry and then i gave a second hand of paint to be sure to obtain a good conductivity used a tester. Careful, might toast the CPU. It works, and works well. I’ve just bought some MB “high density” module with 16 chips on it and only half of the ram gets recognized.

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Wed Mar 21, QPA combines enhanced bus arbitration, deeper buffers, open-page memory architecture and ECC memory control to improve system performance. I ran both a PII and Celeron 1.

Wed Mar 21, 9: Wed Mar 21, 5: But because there are 16 modules on the dimm, this chiset there have to be two banks. If I dig far enough, I might actually have some documents and emails dating back that far Doing a quick search ended up with this So it might not be too surprising that some utilities report them as the same.

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Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning The modules with 16 ram chips organized as 32Mx4 will NOT work, nor will the modules with 8 chips.


These modules consist of 2 banks, each bank has 4 chips. Will your video be happy?

Many of that generation were still slot 1 but a few are s Also, make sure it’s not a Tualatin or you’ll need an adapter. Put into your system. Return to General Old Hardware.

So I worked hard to find on the web and on HW forums any information about this mod. ZX is limited to 2 memory banks while BX is 3 memory banks i find the winki entry to be incorrect since i have a Dell power edge pentium 3 with about 2 dozen memory banks but winki says only 4 banks max could be an independent memory controller though it has 4 PCI slots and 3 ISA which makes the computer super valuable.

What brand of chjpset do you recommend? Use ctspd, downloadable from http: Advantage of the EP: I have more than MB memory and the board seems to recognize all of it, but Windows acts strangely, telling me that I don’t have enough ram or just doesn’t start some applications.

The chkpset you have it a copermine processor suggesting you can put any MHz coppermine processor in it with little risk. High density memory is sold as http: There is something different in the way the modern chipsett use ISA though.


Can a 133Mhz FSB PIII be used on an i440BX motherboard?

No, you can’t, the bx chipset doesn’t allow that. Apr 22, Posts: These modules chipet ram chips organized as 32Mx4 see question ” What module sizes are supported on my bx-based board?

May 16, Posts: You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. The trick will be to get compatible memory.

Nov 14, Posts: That was enough to run XP pretty smoothly at launch, but it wasn’t long u440bx the service packs and web browsers started eating up all the extra memory. This article needs additional citations for verification. Because one chip has only a data width of 4 bits, all 16 chips are needed to form one ram bank.