I ran into that one myself so without doing anything in the Xperience utility, I started the game, used the games controller set up, and defined each button from there. I’ve never played Tribes so this was a nice treat, as it should be for the person who purchases this controller. Shawn, please turn down your stereo. And I still have to sit here for the next hour or so writing this stinkin’ review. Review the button’s functions – write ’em down if ya have to – and game away!

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Gravis Xterminator Dual Control Joystick (pc/usb Mac) | eBay

Shawn, please turn down your stereo. After doing so, I was able to turn more quickly -a minor adjustment in the game setup interface.

Review the button’s functions – write ’em down if ya have to – and game away! Obviously Gravis graviis listening! And I still have to sit here for the next hour or so writing this stinkin’ review.

A copy of Tribes is provided! Variable throttle for ultimate speed control.

Gravis Xterminator Dual Control – joystick – wired Overview – CNET

A large footprint with rubber pads on the bottom provides for ‘slide free’ operation! I’m glad to see Gravis add a game with this stick.


Game port and USB connectivity for quick, easy installation. I was a little unsure about why Gravis didn’t add a twist option to the stick. If the game you are playing is not one of the ones listed then you’ll have to just create one yourself.

The throttle wheel has a bit of controol to it too, preventing accidental ‘bump’ adjustments. Features Joystick and proportional D-pad give you ultimate control of any game.

It would only inhance the looks, not to mention catch the eye of a potential buyer. I’ve always said, why not toss in a game that can showcase what the controller can really do? Just pop in the CD and follow the on-screen prompts.

Gravis 10511 Xterminator Dual Control Video Game Wired USB Joystick Controller

Beside each button is a description of what that button does. Okay that’s two but who’s grzvis. First of all, any time I need a stick or gamepad for a new game, I have one! I did have to adjust the turning sensitivity for the stick. Ahh crap, this sucks. Bottom Line Go get one! With twice the power at your fingertips, you can use the joystick with proportional D-pad to master highly synchronized moves, execute massive action sequences – to win.


Rugged heavy duty plastic design should provide many years of gaming enjoyment! I didn’t spend any time chasing the stick around while using it.

Way to go Gravis. What if it breaks you ask? The down side to that is the weight of the adapter.

I never have liked the weight of them things hanging from my USB ports. Contoured joystick and hand rest for total comfort during marathon gaming sessions. The Gravis Xperience is a software utility used to aid you in defining custom controls for your Gravis controllers.

Even while sitting in a puddle of coffee! The rubber boot underneath the stick -as far as I can tell- is strictly cosmetic adding a very nice look. Okay, where was I, oh yeah, smile to my face, ok, anyway, as I was saying, being a part of this team of reviewers has brought it’s special blessings.

Overall, my hands did not tire from using this stick.