I too was VERY impressed with this web site. I can stare at those pictures as long as I can spare time. Any thoughts as between G15s versus R9 irons? I still use my CG15 wedges, far superior than the Ping Tour inmy opinion, or maybe I just hate change, whatever it is, the game works for me. I had a brief love affair with the G10 irons and over the past few months have been trying to decide if the latest G15 irons could kick the i15 irons out of my bag.

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Ping G15 Irons

I’ve played two rounds so far and been impressed with the control I get and the distant too. PING clubs have been called ugly for years. But gollf you put a decent swing on the ball you will be rewarded. The G10 is a great club…. On the heel of the G10 there was a loss of yards.

Other than that…I prefer to hit it directly where I am aiming at. I took the plunge and have been fitted and purchased a set of G15s. I am a 1 handicapper and I was looking at clubb i15s, accidentally picked these up to hit while waiting for my turn to get fitted.

Prompt delivery and a very reasonable price. The amount clkb forgiveness is amazing, especially for me who doesn’t always hits the sweet spots.


Also the ping factory at Gainsborough will custom these for you for a very reasonable price, thanks gbidder! It seemed as if so long as the G15 hit any part of the underside of the golf ball that the ball would go almost exactly the same distance. Anything above that, Bolf am using a hybrid. The new G15 irons represent another solid step forward in game improvement technology from Ping.

Ping G15 Irons Review – Golfalot

At the end of the day a round of golf is about having fun, if you can get away with a less than perfect revies, then that has to be a good a thing. Shots hit thick with the G15 had a loss of yards. As easy as my i3 blades?

I went from a Titleist MB to my cavity back clubs in years.

The whole face was hot and the sweet spot was huge. I had a set of Ping g5 irons and thought the irons had too much bounce from the fairway.

Part of the theory behind this design decision is to get the center of gravity lower and further back on the club. I was leaning heavily toward the Burner set. My goal is to get to a 3 in the next year and these are helping me ;ing there. Share this with your golf buddies: I plan to get a driver, 3 Wood and I am thinking the 17 degree hybrid to finish out the set — any suggestions on another option? Had the G15 for 6 rveiew and they are stil outstanding. These clubs are seriously very, very, long.


I am an 18 handicap at the moment and am positive the G15 irons will help me drop that handicap quickly!!

I got fitted today. This helps launch the ball higher.

Today’s Golfer

The hybrid if you have not tried one,do so,the best and straightest I have ever hit and it goes a country mile. Stronger lofts combine with a center of gravity located low and farther from the face to produce longer shots without sacrificing the higher trajectory required in a maximum forgiveness iron.

Great discussion on the G15 irons; but little mention of graphite shaft vs. Nearly ever G15 iron was on target or left of target.

If you are coming from a set of blades, looking to make your Sundays more enjoyable, I would suggest stepping into something a little more intermediate, like the i15 irons. So on course, the club seemed to strike the ball very well but then again, the clubface is so big how could you miss the sweet spot?