The 45 standard PCL 5 fonts i. Of the command-line graphics programs, the best known is graph , which is an application for plotting two-dimensional scientific data. Date 12 August Source Own work. Page and Viewport Sizes , Up: Animated GIFs , Up: It reads one or more data files containing datasets, and outputs a plot.

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C ProgrammingPrevious: Color NamesUp: GNU libplot oibplot a library of Kanji, including of the frequently used Level 1 Kanji. The pic language, which was invented at Bell Laboratories, is used for creating box-and-arrow diagrams of the kind frequently found in technical papers and textbooks. Each plot will have its own axes and data. In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so: I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain.

A detailed listing 9. Simple ode ExamplesUp: Marker SymbolsPrevious: Non-Square PlotsPrevious: Of the command-line mathematical programs, spline does spline interpolation xvg scalar or vector-valued data.


plot Examples – The Plotutils Package

X If this output option is selected, there is no output file. The plot program is a so-called plot filter.

The GNU plotting utilities consist of eight command-line programs: Tek This is the graphics ssvg understood by Tektronix terminals and emulators, including the emulators built into the xterm terminal emulator program and the MS-DOS version of kermit. With a single invocation of graphyou may produce a multiplot consisting of many plots, either side by side or inset.

Data FormatsPrevious: You may specify the type of marker symbol used for each dataset, and such parameters as the style and thickness of the line if any used to connect points in a dataset. Red is positive, green is negative. You may specify labels and linplot for the axes, and the size and position of the plot on the display.

Simple LiibplotUp: Advanced Use of splinePrevious: The plotting of filled regions is supported, as is the drawing of error bars. Page and Viewport SizesUp: Public domain Public domain false false.


Index of /software//plotutils

When producing output for an X Window System display, any of the graphics programs can use scalable X fonts. A Postscript-like API is used both for file export and for graphics animations.

The following sgg wikis use this file: Unlike GIF format, it is unencumbered by patents.

Paths and Subpaths libpoot, Up: As in Postscript, the user frame may be transformed into the device frame by an arbitrary affine map. History and AcknowledgementsPrevious: Data FormatsUp: GNU libplot is compatible with the traditional Unix libplot library, but is far more powerful.