Click ” BIOS” item. Page 68 [Enter] to contiune or [ESC] to abort When AC-power back to the system, the system will be in “Off” state. Page 91 – 87 – Appendix Table of Contents Warning

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Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners. Table of Contents Warning You have completed the flashed and now can restart system.

Pin1 indicator Pin1 indicator 4. Then push it down. Standard Cmos Features Manual User can manually input the correct settings. Set Midi Port Address to When you installing AGP card, please make sure the following gihabyte. CPU, chipset and most of the peripherals.

Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK (Rev 2.x) Bios G2

Page 24 AC power cord should only be connected to your power supply unit after ATX power cable and other related devices are firmly connected to the mainboard. BIOS needs to be reset to its original settings.


Q-Flash utility is a pre-O. Connect ribbon cables, cabinet wires and power supply Step Load Fail-Safe Defaults Fail-Safe Defaults indicates the value of the system parameters which the system would be in safe configuration.

It is recommended that Xpress Recovery2 be immediately installed once you complete installations of OS and all required drivers as well as software. Please make sure the CPU type is supported by the motherboard. Reverse the installation steps when you wish to remove the DIMM module. Ef Memory Modules Then push it down.

Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK Bios

Load Optimized Defaults Optimized Defaults indicates the value of the system parameters which the system would be in best performance configuration. Below is a collection of general asked questions. Access Mode Use this to set the access mode for the hard drive.

Install expansion cards Page 21 – Step 4: It can be switched between AGP 2X 3. Page 30 Please note, you can have the alternative of using front audio connector or of using rear audio connector to play sound.


Software Information This page list the contects of softwares and drivers in this CD title. The Main Menu for Example: It will blink when the system enters suspend mode. Default value System The system will not boot and will not access to Setup page if the correct password is not entered at the prompt. Device like printer can be connected to Parallel port; mouse and modem etc. Are you sure to update BIOS?


Yes Failure has been excluded. Then insert the CPU into the socket. Install expansion cards 1. Press any key to startup Fr Please follow next step to install the function!