Its rotational speed is low, so there is no noise. We’ll not analyze each test, because it makes more sense to draw a bottom line in the end of the article. That is these cards rank in the middle of Middle-End. So, you must understand that in order to get the most from a new graphics card, you will have to acquire some basic knowledge of 3D graphics and graphics in general. But we had no opportunity to examine this device.

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The other graphics cards did not suffer from overheating either, even though their cooling systems were not noisy.

The card inside is packed into two envelopes and then put into a special compartment, so damages in transit are out of the question. Bundled components are arranged into cardboard sections inside.

Foxconn PRODUCT : Graphics Card : Details

Engineers just wanted to be on the safe side and help overclockers: So we can say only one thing: You should buy this card only if you are pressed for money, but you still want to play DX10 games, even if in low resolutions. Our author Alexei Berillo works on this issue. Infineon memory chips GDDR3. We’ll not analyze each test, because it makes more sense to draw a bottom line in the end of the article.


But the heatsink is very thick, so the graphics card actually takes up two slots. The GTS also comes with an external power adapter. Besides, it’s a high-quality product, we had no gripes with its operation.


But on the whole, their design is unique. This clone is no less efficient than the original. Bundled components are arranged into paper sections, the card will not dangle inside. About the Gigabyte card.

The box to be more exact, its lid has an interesting shape. It cuts both ways: BioShock Infinite and Metro: A traditional box bag.

The card is secured in a foamed polyurethane compartment. It operates at the increased frequencies, but it’s still slower than the ASUS product.

Foxconn GeForce 8500 GT

The GT is an intermediate solution, it’s up to you to decide. That’s why there are only four memory chips instead of eight. This cooler is really efficient. All bundled components are arranged into cardboard sections, so the card may dangle inside.


NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT

Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt. The GTS card will be heforce enough for future games in high quality modes, but it’s quite expensive so far. That’s another copy of a Zalman product – the famous cupped cooler for graphics cards. Video 3Digests Video cards: But the card gets quite hot, and there is no fan to disperse the hot air over the graphics card. Its rotational speed is low, so there is no noise.

Graphics cards’ performance Those of you who are into 3D graphics will understand the charts themselves. The package consists of a glossy jacket with a white cardboard box inside. The cards have TV-Out with a unique jack.

So the cooler is not noisy. So such products should be installed into PC cases with good ventilation to drive the hot air out of a system unit.