One of the words can be the name of a transport; this overrides the transport option on the router for this particular routing rule only. If you are running Sakai in a cluster you may want to cater for the case that the machine receives the mail may have exim running but Sakai wont accept email – for instance because the application is not running on that node. Email Required, but never shown. It’s important to understand how they fit together, and how to configure them so that they work with each other cleanly. In my configuration I have lots of types of domains:

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Exim Configuration – Documentation – Confluence

What would be the best way to go about this? This is one way of storing mail for a dial-up host when it is not connected. We’ll have a closer look at lists in a moment. I’m hoping to do this by leaving the Exim based system as the MX for the time being, and as a user mailbox is created on the Exchange system, then a manualroute rule is created for that user on the exim system, so that any mail addressed to manualrroute from both local and remote senders is delivered to the Exchange mailbox instead.

For example, mamualroute maps friendly-name addresses to usernames. Many people get into a muddle as a result, judging by questions on the exim-users list.

The manualroute router

The list separator can be changed as described in section 6. A mail hub is a host which receives mail for a number of domains via MX records in the DNS and delivers it via its own private routing mechanism.


You can use manualroute to deliver messages to pipes or files in batched SMTP format for onward transportation by some other means. AnFi 4, 1 7 The anti-relay check should be a simple check against a domain list.

Exim does macro expansion before doing anything else with the configuration file, so you can use them to make ACL variable names more meaningful.

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The condition option is a general-purpose escape route for use when the other conditions can’t do what you want.

The format manualrpute each rule is. An unadorned name in the list of hosts is interpreted as a host name. This version of the previous example has the same meaning, but it is written in manialroute misleading order which obscures the way it works. This is the router for the previous wrong example. One of the words can be the name of a transport; this overrides the transport option on the router for this particular routing rule only.

I didn’t escape Cambridge for long: With this verification check, and the correct address checking logic in the routers, there’s no need for any address logic in the ACLs. This leads to some complications:. If there is no match, the router declines. Quite simply, this is just a driver to manualroutw mail via SMTP to port on the local machine. To make this case easier, it is permitted to enclose an IP address either v4 or v6 in square brackets if a port number follows.


After clearing our your James install and restarting Sakai, you should be able to to send an email from your Sakai installation and see exim deliver it.

Only one of these settings may appear in any one instance of manualroute. If you wish to test mail delivery at this point, send a message to somename your. When an address is routed to a local transport, IP addresses are not looked up.

Good configuration style for Exim

It matters partly because some options have side-effects like setting expansion variables, e. Note that this is for server authentication: Below please find it modified to your needs based on 7. Randomizing the order of a host list can be used to do crude load sharing. See how the pair of closing braces match the pair of opening braces before if. manialroute

If the MX item is first in the list of hosts, and the local host is the manuzlroute preferred host, what happens is controlled by the self option of the router. This is an example of one way it can be done:.