Its good info for the rest of us. Nothing personal to you or audio reviewers as a whole, but scientific studies have amply documented that people with advance knowledge of price, brand, prestige, etc. December 11, When you consider the bargain price of the XDA-2 to begin with, this combo does a very good job of delivering the goods. The XDA-2 almost defies easy description as it does so much and yet it is still a very targeted product. Katz’s Corner Episode

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The manufacturer’s comments Fmotiva by labjr on March 14, – 4: We’re betting this will be a popular present this Christmas. Watching YouTube videos with a pair of Koss Porta Pros on my noggin was xdaa blast, those cheap and cheerful on-ears never sounded better. Should be a very simple firmware update to add those two additional settings.

The Analog Devices AD asynchronous sample rate converter and current-to-voltage stages are new; likewise the analog resistor ladder volume control that maintains resolution even at low volumes; the internal power supply no wall wart is more elaborate and uses separate regulators for the analog and each digital stage; the OPA precision op amps; and there’s a new fully-discrete high current headphone amp that can deliver 2 watts!

Emotiva also throws in free shipping for the XDA-2, a day money back guarantee, and a five year transferable warranty. Good – but not great. I listened to it for several hours the night I got it, and a few more the following day – then, disaster.


Emotiva XDA-2 USB DAC/Digital Preamp/Headphone Amp | InnerFidelity

So I clicked it. Mar 13, at 6: I am a long time audiophile, but new to the high end headphone world. And if you use it more because you value the investment you made in it, who cares. There was that word again: If at any time I hit the standby button it deletes the driver. It fits fairly neatly under my 27″ inch monitor, runs cool. It got respect from me right out of the box. Rather, the hi-fi that’s used the most is the best, the one that’s used the least the worst. Mar 15, at 5: Although I have to admit that for myself, factors beyond mere “flavor profile” are relevant, such as a wine’s expression of specific terroir, growing techniques, historical traditions, how it evolved and pairs with regional cuisine, etc.

Emotiva XDA-2 DAC & digital pre-amplifier review

The XDA-2 review left me with the impression that the lack of Direct Mode emoriva specific to this evaluation. This is on a PC and I’ve been able to reproduce the problem every time now.

Your username or email address: If anything, the XDA-2 seemed to produce slightly better response and sharpness, and was slightly more neutral than the marantz which is by no means “warm”.

It’s certainly fair enough that you listened to other DACs with that option off. No matter what cables I used my rokit 8 were picking up static. The analogue resistor ladder volume control is in. As at home in an office as it would be in a two-channel listening room, the Emotiva XDA-2 has just emtiva everything you’d want out of a digital preamp.


When using headphones, the volume control automatically switches control to the headphone output. It’s funny how the picture of the XDA-2 on Emotiva’s website like the one at the top of this article seems to show the unit with the VFD being on but the “halo” button lights off. I then called back, and much to my chagrine – all tech personnel were busy, so I had to leave a message. While we would love to say that we spend most of our time in our home theaters playing with new speakers, amps, receivers, and Blu-ray players, it just isn’t the case.

Emotiva Audio Xda-2 USB DAC Digital Preamp & Headphone Amp

A comparison review of two DACs. That’s a big power cord, especially for a preamp… 4.

Emotiva’s five-year warranty provides more coverage than most of the competitors, and the XDA-2 is sold with a 30 day home trial.

It emotivq great with my other components A Rotel CD Player, and a Marantz integrated amp that due to a recent move to an apartment has been relegated to a headphone amp – hence the newfound interest in headphones.