Therefore, none of these devices are mapped so all can be mapped by the user using the Unknown Controller map. Hi, The Blast Zone! Partial [ 2 ] Enter, dial, plus, minus, PS button not working. Android [ 2 ]. On fallback platforms that use Unity’s input system, Unity provides no way to identify the controller apart from a single name string.

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Maybe [ 17 ] untested. Downloading the file assumes that you agree to this agreement. See Can I add support for this controller?

Yes [ 19 ]. Not yet mapped OSX: The SDK is only available for Windows. Yes Direct Input only. Yes Vibration not supported. Yes Android mode only.

Elecom GP-20 – Computer gamepad specifications.

If two people decide to use the keyboard, then only 6 gamepads are needed to have a total of 8 players. Adding support for additional keyboards and mice is possible, and the feature may be added in the future if there gammepad enough demand.


Oculus Touch Controller see important special support information. Play now on Steam!

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Below are the current SDL2 mappings included with Rewired. Yes [ 23 ] Android: Yes X mode only OSX: Hello everyone, We are knee deep in server and lobby related work. This will calibrate the device internally so that the axes report the correct values. This may interfere with gamepaad auto-assignment in a multi-player game.

Thank you for helping to Partial [ 20 ] ZR not working. Assignment Wizard, setup your device while 2 minutes. Sixad required Broken – Google Chrome Controller support through SDL2 is not as robust as with Rewired’s custom native support.

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Partial Select, L2, R2 not working. Issues – Google Chrome Many off-brand gamepads simply emulate the Xbox controller and thus work correctly.

Yes [ 14 ] OSX: This can interfere with controller assignment because there is no way to determine which controllers are attached and which are just placeholders. Partial gampad 20 ] ZL not working.


Each time upon attaching the device to the system, you must push and pull each shaft fully through its complete range of motion. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel important notes. Double-click the downloaded file to start the driver installation.

Additionally, the steering wheel may become somewhat rigid because the centering spring may engage automatically on some platforms.

Improved the stability of pressing unprescribed keys simultaneously.