Subscribe I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. Given the new system cost points that can be achieved using VRAs, Dot Hill believes that SMB and departmental server environments will benefit from adopting this technology. For more information, visit http: Install Drivers And Applications: To Name An Array

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Change The Staggered Spinup Count A Dedicated Hot Spare Fails Array View Icons Subscribe I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. Dot Hill RAIDCore VRA rivals the performance and features of hardware controller-based RAID at a fraction of the cost in addition to offering enhanced radicore such as enhanced mirroring schemes to support simple system backup and recovery.

Limited License To Authorized Distributors Windows Operating Systems End-user License Agreement eula Create And Format Arrays Set Small Icons Add Or Remove Global Spares View Or Change License Levels: As low-cost SAS expander technology, larger numbers of small form factor 2. Limited License To End Users Change Cache Settings View Log Window Dot Hill Systems Corp.


The technology leverages a sophisticated RAID software stack, enabling today’s servers to effectively process RAID tasks without compromising performance needed for other operations.

Recreating A Deleted Array Start Raidconsole Under Linux Raid Reliability Considerations Bcadm –create-copy supported Only By Raidcore Vst View Disk Details raidcorr Get the latest industry news, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox.

Flexibility And Expansion Considerations Working With Arrays At any point in time, they can then opt to upgrade and access expanded features. Add Or Remove Dedicated Spares Booting From A Legacy Disk Cannot Create An Array Recover An Array Raid Minimum Disk Configurations Remove A Dedicated Spare Assignment Rescan All Raidcorr Limitation Of Liability Delete An Array Sign up for our dpt newsletter.