Use of the information on this site may require a license from a third party, or a license from TI. Follow the next steps:. As it is possible to see, they are necessary four basic hardware elements:. May 25, 2: The serial cable adapter is a useful tool that allows the user to take control of the LeopardBoard DM and reprogram its memory data. In reply to Jason Battle: This thread has been locked.

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From Texas Instruments Wiki. DM as a slave device, PC as a host, everything is good, whatever which usb switch is used.

Adding an USB2.0 highspeed switch(480Mbps) on DM355 USB

Change the settings of the window as the settings you set when you were setting your u-boot environment. Once you have added your application to the SDK you can compile it typing fm355 following command. It seems that the Ron resistance of usb switch disturb the usb line, and the DM cannot drive the usb wifi module.

Dm3555 26, 2: Mentions Tags More Cancel. May 27, 7: May 26, 8: May 27, Get into your LeopardBoard DM by using termnet or minicom see First interaction with the board section and stop it in the U-boot prompt. Due to the holidays, responses may be delayed. You can get more information about the demo from the following link LeopardBoard Support.

If you are using the conventional power supply mode shown in the Figure 1you must connect the power supply plug into the power supply jack allocate in uwb LeopardBoard as is shown in the Figure 4. As it is possible to see, they are necessary four basic hardware elements:. To start you must open a text editor see the previous section and write the following C code and name the file as for example main.


1 1 DM (public) customer presentation John Dixon Low Power DSP Marketing. – ppt download

These files allow you to integrate your application to the SDK in order to cross-compile it. It is also possible to provides the board’s power through the USB port if the board is working in device mode. In order to get a first contact with d3m55 LeopardBoard DM, this section will show you how to compile, flash and run a simple C program.

If you don’t know how to integrate your application or in this case the example application into the SDK that is, how to configure and create the build files Makefile and Config file and how to set up your application to be compiled, you can see How to add my application to the SDK and Integrating applications vm355 the SDK. Usbb page was last modified on 12 Augustat To connect it to the LeopardBoard you must get the stereo plug terminal of the serial cable adapter and connect it to the UART stereo plug allocated in the LeopardBoard, in usbb Figure 6 is shown how to connect them.

Retrieved from ” http: In this section it will be explained how to set up your PC’s Linux programming environment and how to run a simple C program example on the LeopardBoard DM Once you get this output you can press any key and the command line input will appear.


Can any body give me some advice? This guide will use minicom as an example. If you want to use the LeopardBoard DM’s composite video output you must connect the cable adapter’s 2-pin terminal to the output port on the LeopardBoard such as is shown in the following figure.

To install it if you don’t have it installed by default you must type the following command:. They passed the full set of eye pattern tests without any issues. In reply to Jason Battle:. Before connect your LeopardBoard DM to your computer or to start it alone, it is necessary to set up the boot source, that is done by setting the boot control dip switch on the LeopardBoard to the respective boot mode.

DM git USB status

In reply to Jason Battle: This code has been added also to the. On this window you will have a variety of options that brings the demo such as image capture, live video streaming and so on. Next it will be described the minimum requirements you need:.