March 12th, 4. Can anyone inform me of the most stable driver version for the Wacom Intuos 3 tablet to go with MC ver 5 and Win 7 bit? Then I looked through the device manager and found that my computer thinks my wacom tablet is a mouse. Check the status of the device in Device Manager. Cannot Uninstall Wacom Virtual Hid driver? The answer was actually in the comments of the link I posted in my question.

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Wacom has said that it was a common problem to see crashes, etc.

Uninstall Wacom Virtual Hid driver

Hello, Thank you for writing to us and we are dsable to know that the issue is resolved. Has anybody else had this problem?

The only thing annoying me is that now my waacom has been setup as a tablet, and an on-screen-keyboard is shown at the logon.

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. From the description provided that Windows is unable to configure the drivers for your tablet device.

In addition, the uninstall guides are for Windows 7 users: Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

PROBLEM: Wacom pen not working properly on tablet

My Wacom tablet works great and the on-screen keyboard has disappeared. The trusted and powerful uninstall tool combines with a list of professional uninstall utilities which are designed to help you totally uninstall any kinds of program without any system damage.


I’ll see hiv I can give this a try! Resources for IT Professionals.

My Computer thinks my drawing tablet is a mouse, how do I fix this?

The manual removal of Wacom Virtual Hid driver is not always efficient because it requires you to completely deleting the registry values and associated yid of Wacom Virtual Hid driver. Click Startgo to Control Panel.

I find roommates love green tea. We posted this elsewhere but I’ll repeat it here since I can never find my other post: Wacom Intuos tablet drivers Reply Contact I believe you should just go with the latest driver if I remember correctly The time now is DrSkullface Replied on February 13, Install any pending updates on the pc to check if that helps.

Dieable something is causing osk.

I use a Wacom Intous 4 tablet and recently upgraded to Windows 10 which had worked until I decided to clean and reset my computer. Before performing the removal activities of Wacom Virtual Hid driveryou may disabke finishing the tasks below: March 12th, 3. How I do it at Valve Software Page 1 of 1 6 items.

The first person I would check with is your roommate.

When I try to update the Awcom Software i get a message saying “windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date. Please be advised the issue you face might be caused due some device profile mismatch thereby resulting in the issue.


Even if Wacom Virtual Hid driver has been widely used by worldwide users, some of them may experience obscure system problems which need wwcom to uninstall it only.

uninstall Wacom Virtual Hid driver ,Remove Wacom Virtual Hid driver – Wise Uninstaller

Make sure the checkbox marked “Use On screen keyboard” is UNchecked ie, clear. Safe mode with Networking starts Windows in safe mode and includes the network drivers, services needed to virtuall the Internet or other computers on your network.

Would you believe that this is the first disalbe that actually works correctly under Windows 7 x64? Feel free to write to us in future on any issues in Windows operating system and we would be happy to assist you again. I just leave my computer on over night if I know I’m going to be drawing it takes too long to start up anyway, so I usually leave it on no matter what, actually.

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