Indeed in some gaming premises, the reactivation station may be substituted by a cashier performing the same reactivation operation. Therefore, for additional security, the cashless payment instrument according to embodiments of the present invention may be assigned a predetermined short lifetime, as measured from the issuance of the cashless payment instrument to the player. When an immediate transaction is not possible, a cached transaction is executed. The third party would then look-up the series of pseudo random numbers to confirm whether the security number of the presented ticket was pre-printed between the security number of the ticket having an issuing timestamp before the presented ticket and the security number of the ticket having an issuing timestamp after the presented ticket. If the confirmed acknowledgement is not present in the trusted cache for whatever reason , the request therefor is forwarded to the remote server via the outbound path 1 2 and 3 through the controller , trusted cache and the network such as the Internet , whereupon the remote server sends back a transaction confirmed acknowledgment 4 that is routed back to the STB , , via the return path 5 6 and 7. When a ticket is issued, a timestamp may be being recorded in the central database , as shown at , together with other information associated with the issue of the ticket. If the first timeout has lapsed as shown at , then a message may be displayed informing the player that his ticket is no longer valid and inviting him to walk to a re-activation station to re-activate his ticket, as shown at

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The set top box of claim 1, wherein the context data save engine is further configured to store the context of the transaction at least one of: Indeed, the security numbering scheme may be further hardened by having the paper spool maker print pseudo random numbers instead of sequential numbers which may be recorded in a central database accessible by an authorized third party.

Although goods and services providers can offer attractive, practical, efficient and reliable e-commerce via the Internet, a typical end-to-end e-commerce transaction can take several minutes to complete. The STB may include a dual headed display capability in which data and video maybe be directed to separate displays.


Moreover, no external electrical source is required to retain the data stored in the trusted cache’s NVRAM and data retention is guarantied for at least 10 years. A copy of the returned acknowledgment packet is copied to the trusted cache 12and a confirmed acknowledgment may be retained in the trusted cache 13 and optionally provided to the user upon request.


According to tickft embodiment of tickte present invention, the gaming terminals may be fitted only with a LCD display, a touch screen and loudspeakers. Thermal ticket printers as well as barcode scanners can be made very economically when integrated in the design of the set top box. Tickeh cashier or cashiers may be equipped with electromechanical cashless enabling devices such as a ticket printer and a barcode reader. Interactive entertainment attribute setting.

We invented the thermal ticket printer

During the verification process, the central database or the cashier would submit the security code of the presented ticket, the security code of the before ticket and the security code of the after ticket to the third party.

International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Such heavily featured STBs are highly desirable for most TV viewers who do not want to be confronted with the usual headaches of setting up and upgrading the hardware and software of a typical personal computer, as well as for hotels and motels who need to attract the new generation of customers accustomed to Internet everywhere. This execution flow has the advantage of providing the user with a provisional acknowledgment very shortly after the user has initiated the transaction, even if a confirmed acknowledgment is not available until some later time.

If the second timeout has not lapsed as shown at, then the first timeout is checked.

A method according to claim 15, wherein the player winning the jackpot or pressing the cash out button step results in having a cash-out ticket printed, and the ticket of the redeeming step is the cash-out ticket. With the method, the player uses a secure cashless payment instrument that does not require presentation of the payment instrument through an automatic reader fitted to a gaming terminal.

If the remote server does not respond due to some failure along the way, the STB, of the present invention may continuously repeat the request for confirmed acknowledgment until a reply is received. When an immediate transaction is not possible, a cached transaction is executed. Using an entry computer connected to a controlling central database, a cashier typically located in a cashier cage on the gaming premises directs and monitors the cashless operations that are the subject of the present inventions.

Preferably, the security number may be printed in red such that it does not interfere with barcode scanning, laser and CCD printerr readers being blind to the color red.

Ticket printers and ticket readers, however, are complex and expensive devices that require immediate attention from trained technical staff in the case of paper jams or a cyberfiew. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab The security number may have been pre-printed on the edge of the cashless ticket or on the back of the cashless ticket when the cashless ticket blanks e.


In that case, only the confirmed acknowledgment will be printed or otherwise provided whenever the acknowledgement is received from the remote server The central server and the database create a new entry at that is indexed with the ticket identification cybwrview and that includes the credit balance set to the amount of cash or other form of tangible or electronic money remitted by the player, a first timeout value set, for example, at 5 minutes and a second timeout value set, for example, at 90 minutes.

This feature is expected to be appreciated by users, especially when performing numerous micro-payments, as servers conventionally take a long time to get approval from clearing banks.

A cashless payment method for a network connected gaming system, comprising the steps of: Q3X Q3X isthe ideal solution for those customers searching for the latest performance levels in a modern design product.


Moreover, accessing the inside of a gaming terminal requires following a strict security procedure that requires the use of special security keys and the maintenance of detailed tickte logs. Removing the issue of bad or non-payment, such a transactional model for executing an online transaction is essentially biased in favor of the provider, in that the provider always knows whether the tcket request is valid or is invalid.

However, the privacy risks inherent in such capabilities have not yet been seriously considered. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a player remits cash to a cashier located in a cashier cage and receives in exchange a cashless payment instrument.

Method for cashless gaming – Cyberview Technology, Inc.

Method for cashless gaming. However, in order to provide a platform suitable for conducting trusted and secure e-commerce transactions, the STB, preferably is augmented by a number of technologies that are discussed in detail herein below. It is a further object of the present invention to solve the problems inherent in prinetr poor resolution of the TV display for comfortable Internet email and web browsing.