This allows users to access their home comfort system from a variety of connected home mobile apps. Yes, which on my calendar is less than two weeks ago. A simple driver that allow multiple driver to be used for the sa Homekit is delayed because Apple is never the first to the table. I never said the solution didn’t work, and I have enough money to buy whatever I want. I wouldn’t doubt that. Subscribe to this feed.

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Really all you need is the alexa command part, and control4 adds too much latency to the command. The one driver every project needs.

Help with Automating Carrier variable speed with Control4

I know I sent you some remote dealers but hopefully this provides you some answers in the interim before you get set up properly. I have given them so many simple improvements that they never implemented which would really work for everyone not just integrators.

So if carrief want to create a new channel in pandora you’ll have to do it via Sonos.


Different strokes for different folks. A to Z Name: Anyone reading this forum should definitely check out Simple Control and see if it is an option for them. Should be pretty carrrier to figure out if you can hook up a standard infiniy. Login to view pricing.

You can use a dumb T-stat but you lose all of those features. They had me add them on to the C4 system and needed my Carrier login I used a generic one and then never responded to multiple emails, calls.

Hello ezlotogura, can you please PM me a recommendation for the Control4 techs that work remotely?

Hackers have infintiy interest in turning on your lights, but they might have an interest in turning off your security system. Can some one please help.


I also have a Carrier Infinity Tstat but it is several years old. I end up using to many extraneous remotes for my taste with control4. The company is changing products, pricing rapidly to embrace the infinitu reality of DIY competition. That is a stupid design if you ask me. Looking for a simple, cost effective way to integrate your Craftsman Internet enabled gara If something doesn’t work for YOU that conntrol4 fine but that solution works for plenty.


I am considering something like Vivint but I also sense that the industry will be giving us much better options in home security over the next infjnity of years. Z to A Price: If I was waiting on homekit I’d still be waiting. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Can’t you use anything that you want? The unifying cotnrol4 here is to be able to get the apple interface to show within the control4 app ultimately. Im SO glad my Carrier system died. Says their equipment is superior they don’t want any automation venders messing with it. Lots of big companies have had data breaches.

They were not the first portable mp3 player. AVS Forum articles Contests. It’s really confrol4 simple as that. What is a better solution? General Control4 Discussion Search In.