Model SoftModem V. Microsoft does not make this determination, it’s a standard. Thursday, August 9, The information below is based on customer reports. I obviously agree with you. If you email PhoneTray support accessible from the website , they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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A Hardware USB modem for Linux | Eric’s Blog

Seems the only answer to this whole forum is buy another modem that cpnexant and don’t ask Microsoft to fix things free: Sometimes a modem will work conexajt one computer and not on another. Already bought 2 modems and didn’t have any succes Thank you EzVoice link: I sent it back for an exchange and will see if cinexant next one works.

And now that non-geek, normal folks have purchased new computers like they might buy a new washing machine Will Vista ever fully support voice modem based on conexant chip s Discussion in ‘Windows Vista Hardware’ started by Guest, Nov 15, I have tried modems with Conexant Chipsets and Intel Chipsets and i can confirm that they do not work under Windows 7 but do work fine under Windows XP.

Given everything that’s already been posted in this thread including Michael’s very helpful post backing up my argumentyou still don’t believe this is a Microsoft bug – how many people and professional developers will it take to convince you? Since most modems on the market today are based vonexant the Conexant chip set, and since most answering machine software on the market is TAPI based, the implication is that many people are affected by this.


I have the same problem.

The appearance of all this is that Vista is abandoning voice modems and the telephony applications they support. As Danr pointed out, it’s been a year since Vista shipped and it’s still hard impossible? Sorry Marcel Leb but I only have the 32 bit version of Win 7 and my old scanner drivers along with my old printer drivers will only work with a 32 bit flavour OS so no 64 bit OS here.

All a caller hears is silence while the greeting is playing. Thursday, August 16, 9: I’ve certainly have had no luck. The people at the website you’ve given would be those to try contacting about the matter.

Remove From My Forums. Wednesday, August 15, You’re fortunate you’ve not needed to use the voice messaging functionality on the Conexant modem because thats where the problem shows itself when in TAPI mode.

They say it supports win7 and win8 and that it uses their own driver and not microsoft one Because the modem has generic hardware ID details with no hint of an actual manufacturer apart from the fact conexan was made somewhere in China according to a sticker on the caseI’m also unsure who the actual manufacturer is the seller merely rebranded it. Would it make sense for anybody to argue that all-in-one devices have only one core capability – printing for example, and then write drivers that ignored scanning because it’s not a core capability?


After checking the issue, could you please taip Conexant support as well to work with us together? Office Office Exchange Server.

The modem seems to function fine and Linux has no trouble talking to it, same with OS X and windows. Unfortunately the playing of wave files to the phone line results in silence when using TAPI. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Will Vista ever fully support voice modem based on conexant chip s | PC Review

Dominic Payer, Oct 13, Post your modem experience Search In. It’s not a problem with the modem drivers. I have the same problem with my new laptop using the same conexant modem. What happened to any hint of your company taapi remotely proactive and looking into such matters without having to be ‘spoon fed’ all the ins and outs at significant cost both in time and money to those doing the spoon feeding?

Wednesday, November 14, 6: Use your Acorp high-speed modem for fast connectivity to the Internet, speedy interactive game playing and downloads of large conexaht. Thank you for your understanding.

The information below is based on customer reports.