You can check all TestNG Tutorial here. For further information on using the Rule annotation check out: I want a code for screenshot on multiple test cases when failed!! If you’re using JUnit 4, you can create a class that extends the TestWatcher class. Thanks Mystia, I will try and let you know:

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We could easily identify where exactly the script got failed by seeing the screenshot. OutputType ; import org.

Lyu Sep 6 ’15 at 2: Mukesh Otwani December 17, at Ostap November 16, at 2: Rule public ScreenShotRule screenshotRule. It depends on how you control your cases. You are able to create some wrappers for operation to resolve your problem.

How to capture screenshot for failed test cases in Selenium Webdriver

In my local drive for now To achieve this, we could place the entire code in try-catch block. Can any one please help taking screen shots and saving on specific folder on Mac while running selenium webdriver automation scripts using java??

Mystia, this code which you gave is taking screenshots for passed test cases as well, but can I get the code only for failed test cases please Previously I have covered a post on capture screenshot in Selenium so if you have not gone through the previos post then I will highly recommend you to please go through the post and youtube as well. The above code gives me only one screenshot for all test cases, due to the code above has single name “screenshot.


For the following example just download the selenium driver from the page http: Writing Selenium Webdriver script is not enough everyone can design script nowadays.

He loves to be with his wife and cute little kid ‘Freedom’. I hope you got me?? Sign up using Facebook. FirefoxDriver ; import org.

How To Capture Screenshot of Failed Test Cases Using Selenium WebDriver

Once you trigger your case, initialize the Context and pass it to the operation wrapper like ‘Click’, ‘InputText’ then get the info from the Context while doing screenshot stuff. If you have missed it, you could check the detailed post on how to capture screenshot using Selenium WebDriver.

Install Nightwatch on Windows. We need to design script in such a way that we can utilize script code as much as possible.

Capturing screenshots of failed tests in Selenium Webdriver + JUnit4 – WeDoQa

File ; import org. Amit December 16, at 5: Earlier I have posted a detailed post on how to capture a screenshot using Selenium WebDriver. TakesScreenshot ; import org. If a script fails, we need to know where was the error in script.


By ; import org. Utility ; import org. Sign up using Email and Password. It is working absolutely fine when I have no ErrorCollector rule applied in my test.

To take screenshot of failed test case in Selenium Webdriver

In this example we will capture a screenshot of a failed test. Lyu, Can we get the screen shot names as Test case names??

Here I will be using two new topics which will help us to achieve the same.