The initialization process starts. The test procedure can be terminated with the [Stop] button. Delimiter symbol between measurement value columns. If you do not see your specific hardware device listed below, please click the Request Hardware Support button at the bottom of the page. A message from a previous added database can be selected there.

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Vector CANcaseXL log Manuals

A list of available Piggybacks is included in the oog manual on the driver CD: I fear not, than i need CAN interface and good logging cl and I still have this problems: The following nodes are available in the left window: This Quick Start document contains More information. This requires removing the two black decorative caps. All rights which are not expressly allowed are reserved. With this software it is possible for you to influence or control a networked electronic system.

Trigger if the number of occurred triggers matches the defined condition Version 4. If an explicit label of trademarks, which are used in this user manual, fails, should not mean that a name is free of third party rights. General notes 2 Notes on the documentation. Status Data Meaning off off Device is not operating. All technical information, drafts, etc. No part of More information. At each falling edge on the sync line which is initiated by the application, the Vector network interface generates a time stamp that is provided to the application.


Starts logging on SD card with set pre and post trigger times. Delete This dialog can also be opened by a double-click on column Action in the list view. Connect two CAN channels with a suitable cable. Device is in Interface Mode without SD card.

Enter the values in hexadecimal numbers. If the driver xll been properly installed, the device can be inserted or connected to the PC with the included USB cable. Too high data rate, messages are lost. This program accesses the Vector devices and transmits CAN messages.

Trigger if a LIN Receive error occurs. Filters all error frames. No further canczse will be made of the power manager in this document. I’m sure Christian is able to answer you any question on this topic.


The ISO standard is a globally cncase standard Warranty Restriction of warranty We reserve the right to change the contents of the documentation and the software without notice.


August Copyright Nortel Networks This file contains the used database information of the project and is necessary to read back by Configuration Read from device or Read from folder Have a look on the CAN protocol for further details.

The project is saved in XCF file format and it is used for the start up configuration in logger mode. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher, regardless of which method or which instruments, electronic or mechanical, are used.

The window of XL log Config is divided into five parts: In order to add a trigger: