The U5F’s port layout includes most of the staple inputs and outputs, but one curious omission is an S-Video port — the only way to hook the notebook up to an external display is through the VGA output. Straight outlines and a clear layout dominate the design, as we know it from other Asus notebooks. The pleasure is somewhat deteriorated by a not optimal interface arrangement, the rather bad contrast of the display as well as a constantly running fan, which is disturbing particularly in calm environments. Small weight, durable and compact case , a bright and mirror-free display , which can be used outdoor to some extent and an equipment with two differently large , replaceable batteries. Further the keys click quietly when tapping.

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The U5F keyboard stretches across almost the entire width of the casing so the keys are well spaced out and comfortable to use. The pleasure is asuw deteriorated by a not optimal interface arrangement, the rather bad contrast of the display as well as a constantly running fan, which is disturbing particularly in calm environments.

Drivers for Asus UL30A notebooks Wi-Fi devices

View our privacy wiifi before signing up. At the end of the way the tapping is well cushioned. One gram heavy mAh battery and a twice as large gram heavy u5g lithium-ion battery.

Concerning the temperature emissions the Asus U5F gets a good reference. A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen. This may be due to operating system configuration changes or a change in your netbook’s IP or Internet Protocol address.


Press the blue “FN” key and the “F2” key simultaneously, then release. ASUS offers two different colour options; jet black and pearl white and the sales package also includes a carry case and wired Bluetooth mouse. Tip Your Asus netbook’s wireless connection may appear to be slow or u5d due to applications and system utilities running in the background.

Within the middle range there is a dead zone. Check your system tray to see if the operating system or an anti-virus application is performing updates or system checks. Performance Given its powerful set of internal components, we expected the U5F to trounce the competition in the performance stakes.

The lack of a scrolling pad was also inconvenient. The case seems to be very durably and is torsionally stiff constructed. The Asus U5F weighs only 1.

Ignoring the low-resolution, standard aspect display, the U5F is a fast ultra-portable with great battery life. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Further we did not find the brightness or clarity as good as we would have liked.

The runtime was tested with the smallest, that mAh battery. Under load a maximum volume of This is a functional resolution for an ultra-portable, although we would have preferred a maximum higher witi such as x pixels. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.


Review Asus U5F – Reviews

Thankfully, you can also left click by tapping the touchpad. References 1 Asus Support: If the “Disabled” option is highlighted, press the “Up” arrow to highlight the “Enabled” option, then press the “Enter” key. The test of the maximum runtime BE Readers test was accomplished with the 2nd lowest brightness level, since with the lowest level hardly any contents are recognizable, and working seems impossible.

It offers excellent battery life and solid performance. Depending upon the used larger battery pack, the running times are appropriate for instance 2x or 3x over this value. The U5F features a 4: A possible crunching could not be determined during use of force.

Still, the all white colour scheme is a nice touch and the unit feels well built. We tested the black model and, aside from the garish stickers that flank the touchpad, we found the design to be both clean and attractive.

ASUS U5F Review | ZDNet

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. It’s a thoughtful inclusion, but we found that the “Normal” setting offers the most accurate colour reproduction. assu

The key layout is inconspicuoussince all keys are found at the common positions and can be hit securely and well.