I realize internal IR is preferable for aesthetic reasons. I did a little searching on newegg for you and it looks like the cases they used to sell with the built in IR receivers are not there any longer but I know that they had them. No need to respond. Originally Posted by Sammy2. Subject is closed as far as I’m concerned.

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The term has nothing to do with ability to wake a PC. I’ve been using these dongles on various HTPC’s for 6 years without issue and think it would be easy to just get one of these. BTW, ajhiebmy suggestion for getting the echo remote was not correct in that there were no dongles but I figured the OP needed a remote too because usually these remotes are sold with the dongle, rceiver commonly the USB dongle.

Sammy is recommending remotes because you can’t often rrceiver just the dongle without the remote. Originally Posted by mdavej from post Don’t take my advice because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

CIR Receiver – how do I use it?

Any of these qsrock do just fine. I also have a stack of echo remotes that look exactly like the one you have in the link. What Dave and I are trying to say here is that you can get the same functionality without having to go through all that work. I did a little searching on newegg for you and it looks like the cases they used to sell with the built in IR receivers are not there any longer but I know that they had them. Your guy’s solution was a lucky guess. My further suggestion was to show the easiest thing to do is to just not let the thing sleep but idle down power.


The circuitry around the CIR header is a black box. I could have given you guesses too. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

My other posts are responding to your attacks. I’ve been dealing with CIR protocols for nearly 20 years. Originally Posted by mdavej. There will be absolutely no performance difference whatsoever. Who knows what’s behind it and what needs to be after it.

I looked at the specifications for the RC you posted and it doesn’t say anything about CIR compatibility. They go straight to pins on the motherboard, just like your original CIR did. You sound like the kind of guy who would stop and ask for directions, get them, find your own shortcut, then drive back and call the person who helped you an idiot. Originally Posted by mikedamirault. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. No need to respond.

When you get the set, just put the remote in a drawer or in the garbage and forget it ever existed. Take it or leave it.


Originally Posted by Sammy2. Hmm, found something interesting, appearantly if I read this right it should be as simple as just getting an IR receiver or rip one out of an old device, say a VCR or something and simply plug it into the motherboard, supposedly that’s all the dongle really does, so if it’s really that simple, all I would need is the receiver and an old flash drive and I should be able to solder one up in no time, and maybe even for free http: Looking for a possibly discontinued CIR receiver.

Don’t take Dave’s advice and you’re ignoring the remote guru here.

CIR Receiver – how do I use it? | [H]ard|Forum

A simply IR receiver might have been all you needed, or it might have needed more components. My grandma isn’t very handy with a soldering iron.

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