But the long boot-time starts to get annoying. The time now is This utility along with other crap can be downloaded here: All times are GMT A daemon detecting status changes and reporting to syslog as SNMP traps is packaged as cpqarrayd. Tested with Linux 3.

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If the name changes between kernel versions, remember to include information in the detailed information section. Halim Issa yallaone gmail! If the kernel version oinux lower than 4.

Ceel, thanks I’ll check it. Would it be possible for you to test the latest upstream kernel? Get vSAN cluster health status.

CONFIG_FUSION: Fusion MPT device support

liunx Hardware using this driver: Second there is a warning and two errors at row Under “real” commit I mean not any subsequent commit to make the driver up to date with SCST target drivers interface changes. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Is the source for a command line interface tool available for adding and removing disks from the RAID set? Debian kernel freezes rejected IO to offline devices in case array becomes downgraded 53v1030 one disk failed.


Somes seems to be required dependencies. Linux kernel drivers 3. I did not compile a kernel since two years with SliTaz – maybe somebody else kinux help – I have no time now Driver name Name of the Linux kernel module.

This file does not contain the RAID status.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_FUSION: Fusion MPT device support

I’m having a harder time figuring out what the right options are that I should select though. Device offlined – not ready after error recovery [ You need to make sure SCSI generic device driver is loaded and will be loaded at boot. No such file or directory make[1]: Please refer to the readme for information on how to use this driver.

AlexanderYT arcam on Some linux tools are available on a CD included with the controller.

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In many cases, a wireless connection will be displayed as a virtual ethernet connection in your virtual machine. On the other hand, non-free distributions contain a lot of end-user drivers that are useful for home-use which in turn are not present in commercial distributions NTFS driver for example.


I compiled the kernel with kultex’s config. Any boot-option to hand over or other kernel modules?

This can be done by clicking on the yellow pencil icon next to the tag located at the bottom of the bug description and deleting the ‘needs- upstream- testing’ text. You can add it before genkernel builds your kernel. A daemon detecting status changes and reporting to syslog as SNMP traps is packaged as cpqarrayd.

Same source requirements as the CLI tools. Others looks like being real driver but we haven’t used them yet. The make prepare also fails if I run in linux We experienced several disks failure on MPT Linkx controllers and mpt-status always reported the failure and status changes.