I play to scratch so I know a good swing from a bad one. BcavWecllh Oct 10, at 8: No the price is different and so is the quality. At what level of ball striking ability does it make sense to play a blade? The club is in my lead left hand and I maintain a neutral grip. Everyone else should be in a driver length that would be between

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Here and there we at TWGT do hear a request for a smaller size driver head, but in no way is it enough to seriously consider developing one, even for a small company like us. So, using the same loft settings on all models here injects a potentially serious bias in favor 43c0c M1.

cc vs cc – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

But on the other hand, I would bet the farm that you would not be able to buy one of the actual heads made for the long drive guys with their slightly thicker face. The groupings were in a solid pattern with all adjustments dialed right down the center neutral.

Sign up for a new account in our community. So there are heads that look balanced and not so large behind the ball and then there are other heads that just look gaunt, ungainly and too big when you set them down in the playing position.


A couple things I noticed: For that I would pay any price. BcavWecllh Oct 10, at 8: With all the shaft options everyone should be able to find the right one for them.

Brian Peck 27 years old. Water melon on a stick. But here again, this is minimal, and in reality, between most muscleback blades and most deep cavity backs, the blade has the lower CG.

Ha yeah I can move it well at 43c0c but others it does straighten out, nice driver for people looking. One OEMs head can be quite a bit different than anothers, even from a visual standpoint.

This can be beneficial: The G LST had a loft of 10 degrees, and it was adjusted to 9. Originally Posted by syndicate I set it to Draw and High.

TaylorMade Launch Tour-Inspired 430cc SLDR Driver

4460cc From a pure performance standpoint, the larger the size of a clubhead, the higher its Moment of Inertia could be. Can’t hit the cc 460cv, not my thing. All times are GMT A driver is about distance, I want long and forgiving.

At first, it looked as though George might post a ridiculous distance gain with a TaylorMade M1 The shortening of an existing driver causes the swingweight to drop by 3 swt points for each half inch shortened.

TaylorMade Launch Tour-Inspired cc SLDR Driver – Golfalot

In Their Own Words: Clubheads shall forever be made so the 430fc has to be inserted on the heel end of the head because that is a requirement in the rules of 430dc. I still love my R1… maybe one day the M1 will be worth it. So what will people say M1 does wrong a year from now when the new model comes… As for the comparison to G That’s how they create “draw” model drivers- the manufacturer places weight chip s in the heel area, 460xc help the face close through impact.


Tom Wishon October 28, Just like a strike out of the middle of a cc driver will not travel any further than the same strike out of the middle of a cc head, why would a cavity backed iron be less accurate right out of the middle. Page 1 of 2 430cd 2 Last Jump to page: Launch monitor had my average swing speed at mph, mph here and there.

Thanks for all that you do in answering questions both from a technical point of view and from a personal point of view.