Windows displays a message requesting to restart your computer. To share a device such as a disk drive: Command line with auto configuration 2. A Magic Packet is a valid Ethernet packet that contains a synchronization stream immediately followed by 16 repetitions of the destination MAC address. Start Windows NT and log in. Except as provided below, this License Agreement does not grant you any rights to patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, or any other rights in respect to the Software. The necessary NDIS driver is installed in your system by default.

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Alerts Erherlink Custom — allows you to determine which remote system alerts are generated by the NIC. You may get a general protection fault in module NDIS.

Download 3Com EtherLink XL 10/ PCI NIC (3CTX)

Life in the slow lane: Without a command keyword specified, it gives a summary of the command keywords. The workgroup name must be the same for all of the computers on your network with which you want to share information. TXT – Technical Support v5. If you installed from diskette, be sure to remove the diskette after the installation is finished.


The slot in the computer may be defective.

To install the network NIC, click Drivers. Boot the server and launch the Install program. Run the tests again. If you have another PCI NIC that does not support shared interrupts for example, a SCSI host NICeither contact the manufacturer for a shared interrupt driver or try running the system setup program to assign it a different interrupt.

Get a 4-terabyte USB 3. fat

Select the Advanced tab. You are prompted for your user name and password. NCF file to the following format: The filename can be a fully qualified DOS filename.


How can I correct this? INF file cannot be found in the specified location, verify that Windows 95 is looking at the correct location. A final message indicates successful installation. I’ve purchased an HP Pavilion machine and I want to connect it to my network, are there any issues?

Select No if prompted to restart the PC.

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Install the NIC in another slot and run the tests again. Continue to click Next until Windows 95 asks if you want it to search for new hardware.

A Magic Packet is a valid Ethernet packet that contains a synchronization stream immediately followed faet 16 repetitions of the destination MAC address.


The Insert Disk dialog box appears.

The computer in which the NIC is installed may be defective. Review the installation instructions in the NIC’s user guide. Read and write–gives other users permission to delete or change files and folders.


When Windows 95 starts, it detects the NIC, and the following message appears on the screen: The installation copies all the necessary files and removes existing client services that are not needed. Make sure that Windows 98 is installed on the PC. You may reproduce and provide one 1 copy of the Software and supporting documentation for each such workstation or network server on which the Software is used as permitted hereunder.

After the Answer File is created, you begin the installation process. Right click on the Network Neighborhood icon. Remove the EtherDisk from the floppy drive, and then shut down and restart the PC.